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Norton Clean Sweep - Part of Norton Utilities


Norton clean sweep is now one part of Norton Utilities developed by Norton / Symantec. The main purpose of clean sweep is to help keep control of garbage files on your computer.  These are created automatically by internet browsers, installing/uninstalling software or simply build up and need cleaning after extended normal PC use.

The software quickly scans computer drives in specific locations (like your browser cache) identifying files that can safely be removed.  It then lets you remove them all with a single click. Like all Norton products clean sweep is fast, stable, and does the job well.

Clean sweep is now integrated into Symantec's Systemworks utilities suite along with their anti-virus software and other tools (although clean sweep is still sold as a standalone product).  This integration makes Clean Sweep a more seamless software tool which is always good for easier upkeep.

To be fair Norton does have competition in the PC cleaning market. A number of other well developed products are available to help you sweep through your system and clean out the garbage to keep your computer running smoothly.  Symantec's Clean sweep is one of the simplest to use however.

Norton was perhaps first to create an integrated set of utilities for computer cleaning and sweeping away unwanted files and infestations (like viruses or trojans) but others also produce high quality software suites that provide virus protection, internet security, as well system cleaning and sweeping.

As you browse around the site you will quickly see that our purpose is to provide high quality information with useful recommendations. Perhaps for Norton Utilities and certainly for ways of protecting your computer and keeping personal information & data safe.

Useful Products

  • Norton Utilities: Norton's comprehensive set of integrated computer utilities to keep your system running smoothly - automatic hands-off system stability.
  • Pc Cillinimg: All-in-one: anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall for your PC & PDA. Use this link for $10 off a premier PC security software suite.
  • SpeedTweaks: Detailed resource of simple system tweaks that anyone can use for improved performance of their computer system at no cost.  Don't upgrade when you can SpeedTweak for free!

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