Are you considering a freeware firewall? If your computer is connected to the internet with a dedicated connection like cable or DSL, internet security is a serious issue. However, installing a freeware firewall may not be the best route to take. The face of internet security and vulnerability is constantly changing, keeping on ahead of the bad guys is a very big task and a freeware firewall may not be enough.

Like we discussed in the article about adware eliminators, the amount of resources required to keep ahead of new internet security threats is huge. In most cases, freeware firewall developers simply lack the ability to identify, track, and respond to new threats quickly. This can leave your computer open to attacks and hijacking for use in DoS (denial of service) attacks.

The major providers like Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, and Zonelabs keep on top of the game and provide constant, automated updates. They are able to develop extremely user-friendly, integrated systems that makers of freeware firewalls simply can’t match.

Recommended Firewalls
ZoneAlarm Pro: Not freeware, but a great firewall that keeps worms, trojans and viruses OUT so you never get infected. Rebate available through this link!
Trend Micro Firewall: Award winning firewall protection. Blocks all traffic you don’t want with ease. $10 off when you use this link.
Norton Personal Firewall: A powerful firewall solution designed for home and small business use. Integrates directly into other symantec products for complete hands off operation and maintenance.
McAfee Personal Firewall: A simple to use personal firewall that integrates seamlessly with other McAfee products. Easy to use protection that keeps your machine safe from prying eyes.
Another important thing to keep in mind is freeware firewall integrity. There are several Trojan horses and spyware that pretend to be freeware firewall products. So when you install one of the fake freeware firewalls you actually put your system in danger. With internet security protection from one of the major companies, you know that you are getting quality firewall protection from a product that is exactly what it claims to be.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not knocking all freeware firewalls. In fact, one of the best is a freeware firewall called tiny firewall. It is not easy to use, but gives you the most flexible firewall protection you can hope for. Freeware is a good thing, you just need to be very careful and learn about it first, especially with freeware firewalls.